About Finern

    Finern Automation is a service provider of intelligent plant, committed to providing comprehensive solutions for the industry of advanced manufacture. Since founded in 2011, the company has established 3 research and manufacturing centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan in China, as well as agencies in Hong Kong, US and France, to provide customers with technical support and business consulting.
    Finern Automation adhere to the road map with own R&D and innovation. Hitherto the company has achieved High-tech Enterprise Certifications, and several technical patents. There are 556 personnel working at Finern, while 70% of them are focus on R&D, 20% of which have R&D experience over a decade. With the R&D team, we can provide professional solutions for design, research, manufacture and operation for our customers. We can help to solve difficulties through on-site support and remote assistance.

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